I'm here (Released December 8, 2007)Edit

After school, Kei returns to Hiro's apartment and finds Hiro still in bed sleeping with Miyako (they both skipped school that day). She breaks down and trashes the apartment with her swinging crutch. She then throws the crutch and walks out. Hiro decides to go after her, despite Miyako begging him not to leave her alone. Worried about Kei, Hiro leaves anyway. This makes Miyako think that Hiro has already broken his promise from the previous night.

Outside, in a deserted and still-damaged part of the city, Kyosuke angrily confronts Hiro and demands to know why he hurt Kei so badly. Hiro equivocates, and so Kyosuke beats him up for it, accusing him of always "doing things only half way" because Hiro is unable to choose between Kei and Miyako.

From a phone booth, Miyako calls Hiro to tell him that it is too painful for her to be with him since she does not want to be eventually forgotten by him. Hiro goes to see Kei, who for the first time confesses that she has been secretly in love with him since their childhood. They come to an understanding and Kei finally lets Hiro go, telling him to go be with Miyako because she wants him to be happy.

Just before Miyako leaves the town of Otowa for good, she calls Hiro one last time from a public phone booth near a cemetery and a church. The phone call becomes increasingly emotional and cuts out at a critical moment (see 100 Second Countdown below), which leads Hiro to rush out on his bike, managing to find her at the public telephone booth. He declares that he loves her and will never abandon her. They kiss as they finally commit to each other.

100 Second CountdownEdit

In this episode, Miyako uses a prepaid phone card to call Hiro that has only 100 seconds left on it. During their increasingly emotional conversation, the countdown is flashed on the screen repeatedly (99, 98, 97..) It is an allusion and an inversion of the upward count of the voicemail messages that Miyako had left for Hiro in episode 7. The phone card expires and terminates the call just before Hiro shouts to Miyako that he loves her, preventing her from hearing it.

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