Renji Asou
Age 16 (in Memories)
18 (in Melodies)
Status Alive
Height 159 cm (5'2)
Weight 50kg
Birthday November 1
Romance Chihiro Shindou
Relatives Sumire Asou (mother) Mizuki Hayama (cousin)

Renji Asou is the half German, half Japanese protagonist of the third chapter in the visual novel ef - The Latter Tale. In Memories he attends Otobane Academy in Australia as a freshman. In Melodies he is a senior and is taking night classes to prepare for his college entrance exams.

Because Renji was transferred from school to school numerous times while travelling with his parents, Renji is bad at making friends. He is a self-proclaimed 'book junkie' and wants to become a novelist. He lives alone with his mother, Sumire Asou, in a townhouse apartment in Otowa, Australia. His German father is an architect who is currently working out of the country. His next door neighbor is Kuze Shuichi, a womanizer who openly lusts after his mother. The fact that his mother enjoys flirting with Kuze causes Renji considerable consternation.


One day, while walking along some train tracks, he finds an abandoned train station. There he meets a girl wearing an eyepatch over her left eye who is sitting alone. The girl is Chihiro Shindou, the younger twin sister of Kei Shindou. Despite both of them being mutually shy, Renji comes back to see her at the train station every day after school and quickly becomes friends with Chihiro. He later learns that she has a severe case of anterograde amnesia, where she cannot remember anything past thirteen hours previously. By the end of Memories they fall in love and become a couple.

Key ProblemEdit

Unlike most of the other characters in ef, Renji has no deep-seated emotional baggage or physical handicaps. His main challenge is overcoming Chihiro's amnesia and the strenuous efforts of Yuu Himura and Chihiro herself to try to discourage him.

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