Nagi Hirono
Age 29 (current)
17 (flashback)
Status Alive
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Romance Kuze Shuichi (ex)
Yuu Himura (?)
Relatives Hiro Hirono (brother)
Unnamed father

Nagi Hirono is the older sister of Hiro Hirono and is a professional artist who lives in Otowa, Japan. She was a former student at Otobane Academy, having attended that school at the same time as Yuu Himura and Kuze Shuichi. Nagi has known Yuu since at least middle school, and she is a good friend to him, as well as being his artistic mentor.

Nagi's demeanor is energetic but kind. She is a true artist, and she will paint self-portraits of herself nude in the school's art studio right in front of Yuu with no embarrassment whatsoever. In flashbacks she is shown not wearing glasses. In Melodies she befriends Mizuki Hayama.



Nagi as an adult

In Melodies episode 5, Nagi reveals to Mizuki Hayama that she has been seeing Kuze Shuichi. She does not tell Mizuki that she is also engaged to him. It is assumed that Nagi's engagement to Kuze had ended by the time she told Mizuki this, because at that time Kuze had already broken off all of his relationships in preparation for his death.

Nagi's relationship with Yuu Himura is subtle. She sees herself as a true artist, and so she frames her entire relationship with Yuu in that light. She acts as Yuu's artistic mentor, and she often gives Himura unsolicited advice on how to improve his drawing technique. This includes giving him very candid advice on how to understand his own feelings and his relationship with others. She does this in the belief that this will help him grow as an artist.

In the flashbacks in Melodies, Nagi has hidden and unacknowledged feelings for Yuu, and she reacts with suppressed jealousy whenever she sees Yuu interacting with Yuuko Amamiya. She tries to restrain her hidden feelings for Yuu but is unsuccessful. In Melodies episode 6, the young Nagi tells Yuu that she can no longer paint, as she has become 'twisted' ('warped' in the dub). Presumably this is because of her repressed feelings for him, which has corrupted her purity as an artist, and which she knows would wreck her relationship with him as his art teacher.

Near the end of Melodies, the angel Yuuko urges the adult Yuu to move on with his life and not look back. The implication is that Yuuko wants him to start a relationship with Nagi, but it is unclear if he ever did.

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