Kuze's house is a townhome in Otowa, Australia that is owned and occupied by the German violin virtuoso Kuze Shuichi. It is located next door to the townhouse apartment of Sumire Asou and Renji Asou.


Kuze's townhome is large but mostly empty. This is because Kuze Shuichi (who has a secret terminal illness) has discarded, sold, or has given away most of his possessions in preparation for his death. His only remaining possessions are a couple pieces of furniture, his violin, and some old masks and costumes.

When Mizuki Hayama first visits the townhome, she marvels at how wide open and spacious it is. She remarks that it is unlike her own highly cluttered apartment, which is full of old mangas and other assorted junk.

Kuze's Cosplay ClosetEdit

In Memories episode 6 it is revealed that Kuze has a large closet with dozens of women's cosplay outfits hidden inside (schoolgirl, policewoman, nurse, etc).

In a funny scene in episode 6, he tells Renji that his mother, Sumire, enjoys modeling the cosplay outfits for him. He says the policewoman outfit is his favorite. This freaks out Renji, and Chihiro doesn't understand what is going on.