Akane Himura
Age 5 or 6
Status Deceased
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Romance Unknown
Relatives Yuu Himura (brother)

Akane Himura is Yuu's younger sister (imouto). She perished in the great earthquake that destroyed Otowa, Japan when Yuu was approximately seven years old.

Akane first appears in Yuu's dreams. It is revealed later in the series that Yuu has been repeatedly having the same dream of Akane being engulfed in flames and dying.


When Yuu was about 6-7 years old he gave Akane a wristwatch with a red band as a present, which she had cherished. In the fire that killed Akane, the watch was heavily damaged.

Yuu carries the broken watch with him wherever he goes. It is his only keepsake in memory of his dead sister. He tells Yuuko that the watch is the only thing that he can't let go of.


Akane's watch, burnt in the fire

Akane's DeathEdit


Akane's death

The earthquake massively damaged the Himura home and triggered a major fire. As the house began to collapse, Yuu ran out of the home without going back to save his sister. He heard her call out to him for help as she died in the fire.

Yuu retains deep-seated guilt about the incident. This causes him to reject Yuuko's offer of friendship at the orphanage because Yuuko's appearance reminds her of Akane, and the memory is too painful for him. He doesn't explain this to Yuuko, who cannot understand his inexplicable rejection of her. This later sets up Yuuko's feelings of betrayal by Yuu when Akira Amamiya begins his physical abuse of her as a teenager.

It is assumed that the earthquake also killed Yuu's parents as well, which explains how he ended up at the church orphanage afterward.

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